University of Saskatchewan Student Residences Phase I and II


“A unique, world-class concept in which the student experience encompasses a sought after urban lifestyle and
an environment that nurtures learning, creativity, recreation and the development of the leaders of the future
by setting a new benchmark for student life.”




  Offering a design that encompasses today’s sought-after urban chic aesthetic while embracing a reverence for the timeless architectural 
  significance of the campus, these residences are both creative in design and thoughtful of the environment, setting new standards for sustainability.

  As proud U of S Alumni, Meridian’s executive is enthusiastic about having been selected as the university’s partner in this project.

  The U of S and Meridian are very pleased to be strategic partners with the Government of Saskatchewan in pursuing our common goal
of making this province a global leader that has emerged on an international stage.


                        Construction of Phase I began in the fall of 2009 and was completed in 2011. 

                        Phase II of these world-class student residences was completed in September 2012.




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